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The Lost World: Collector's Centenary Edition now available!

Edited by John Lavas and featuring an essay by yours' truly, The Lost World: Collectors Centenary Edition is the definitive scholarly volume.
To find out more and ordering information, visit my blog Voyages Extraordinaires.

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20/12/09 - Over at Bill Ectric's Place, Bill has written a provocative piece suggesting that Conan Doyle was deliberately and knowingly playing up the Cottingley Fairy hoax. After all, he did trick the Society of American Magicians with footage from The Lost World. Richard Milner thinks he might have even been in on the Piltdown Man hoax!
10/2/12 - 2012 is the 100th anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World and I've updated the logo to celebrate. There will be bigger news later this year, so stay tuned!
11/6/09 - Fans of the Eighth Wonder of the World will not want to miss Rod Bennett's new King Kong Blog. Delving into the history of the film, he's also been covering various aspects of The Lost World.
23/12/10 - I have added one of the great treasures to the 1925 Film section: the shooting script for the original silent film. Do check it out and compare it to the restored products available!
"I told him straight that I didn't mean to be chased about a desert island
by any damned anachronisms." - H.G. Wells, Aepyornis Island.

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In Memoriam
William Anthony Swithin Sarjeant, D.Sc., F.R.S.C.
For contributions to geology, literature, historical
preservation and Lost World scholarship.

Forrest J. Ackerman
For contributions to Science Fiction, Horror and
Fantasy fandom, including editor of Famous Monsters
of Filmland
and inventor of the term "Sci-Fi."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World is a collaborative effort. The subject is too broad for any one person to handle, and this site would not be what it is without the help of the following people:

  • John Lavas, probably a bigger fan than even I am, who has contributed essays and exclusive glimpses of his 90th anniversary edition of the novel. John is also spearheading the centenary edition novel and invited me to contribute to it;
  • Walter J. Williams, for contributing reviews;
  • Marauder95, for providing links, information and reviews;
  • Karl Gillies, for providing information on The Lost World's New Zealand connections;
  • and to Ed Summer and the Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette/George Eastman House, who were very understanding and helpful way back in 1997 when I was getting this website underway.
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