The Lost World: "'The Lost World' of Willis O'Brien"

Edited by Roy Kinnard

There isn't much more that can be said about this book than what's in it's sub-title: "The original shooting script of the 1925 landmark special effects dinosaur film, with photographs."

This is a must-have book. Yes, thats an overused term, but this book has the orginal script for the 1925 version of The Lost World!!! scene-for-scene, word-for-word, this is the last remnant of the movie and the way it was meant to be. Many of the scenes in this script no longer exist, and interestingly, you can compare the shooting script to the final product (or what we have of it) to see where they changed it. For example, the volcano eruption wasn't originally in the script; it was included after they realized that they needed a reason for the plateau forests to catch on fire. The text is imbelished with an introduction by Roy Kinnard, and probably every promotional shot made for the film. There are no screen shots from the actual film itself, which isn't all that bad because there are enough wonderfully photographed promotions that it is more than enough to jog your imagination.

On a side note, this book also poses a sobering reminder of how much of our culture has been lost in the poor quality, preservation, treatment, and archiving of silent movies. Reading these scenes which you realize that, barring a miracle, you will never see because they are forever lost due to shoddy film or business wrangling is chilling and saddening. A significant portion of 20th century history has been lost with our lack of recognition of film as a worthy artistic medium.

ISBN 0-89950-861-8
published by McFarland and Company, Inc.